Alpha Online

We want everyone to have a chance to ask those questions they have always wanted to ask, without anything getting in the way. Perhaps, in this time of uncertainty, you have more questions than ever before.

Alpha Online runs across eleven sessions, each lasting 1 hour 15 minutes. Each course includes a short film and a discussion where you can share your thoughts with a small online group. If at any point you decide that Alpha isn’t for you, that’s not a problem. There’s no pressure, no follow up and no charge.

What to expect

The course runs over eleven weeks – you can just try the first one and see what you think. Everyone’s welcome and there's no pressure, follow up or charge.


Each session takes place over video chat on Zoom where you’ll meet other people with questions just like yours.


We watch a 25 minute film together that’s designed to inspire questions.


At the end of each session there’s an open discussion where you can share your thoughts in small groups.

How to Sign Up?

Unfortunately all our groups are full at the moment but we’ll be launching more in the autumn. Email to show your interest. 


What happens when I sign up?

- Once you have signed up we will allocate you to start Alpha on the next available date. 

- You will receive an email with your start date and login details as soon as we've allocated you. 

Any Questions?

If you’ve got any questions about trying Alpha online or how it works please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.




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