The Money Course

What is it?

The Money Course is a 2-session course devised by the award winning debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

Who is it for?

Anyone who has to live within a budget - no matter how big or small! It will help you to get better control of your finances both day to day and for the longer term, whether you need to work to clear outstanding debts or simply want to get better at saving for the future or the unexpected.

What can I expect?

During the course you will learn:

1. How to build and live on a budget - this is the cornerstone of managing your money well. The session includes recommendations on how you may be able to increase your income and cut costs;

2. The CAP Money system - this system will help to simplify managing your money so you always know where you stand by organising your finances into 3 bank accounts;

3. How to live from week to week using cash - living on cash and getting away from cards means you know exactly where you are and helps you to spend less money. It's statistically proven that you spend 33% less money when paying by cash rather than cards.

By applying these three principles, you will learn how to manage your money, and live your life, making your money work for you. To see a video with further information from some of the people involved in running the course and who have benefited from it, see below:

How do I register?

Please contact us for details about the next course or to book your place.


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