Pastoral Care Courses

The Bereavement Journey 

This course is for anyone who has experienced a significant bereavement, whether recently or many years ago, and feels they would benefit from spending time in a safe environment exploring some of the issues around the grieving process.

Divorce & Separation Recovery

Divorce & Separation Recovery is for any person who is divorced, separated, or who is currently going through a divorce. It is a practical course with a confidential and supportive environment to discuss the challenges they may be facing and find tools to deal with these effectively.

Post Abortion Healing

The course is for women who have been through an abortion(s) and are Christians, and who wish to receive healing and restoration in this area of their lives. The course works best for women whose most recent abortion was more than one year ago from the start date for the course.

Freedom from Anxiety

The freedom from anxiety group is for anyone who struggles with worrying thoughts, panic and anxiety. The aim is to help you not feel so alone and isolated and give you tips and encouragement in helping you move your thinking into a healthier, freer place. The group is run by people who have suffered from anxiety themselves, so we offer understanding and our experiences of getting free and tips on how to move on.



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