Post Abortion Healing Course

What is the course and who is it for?

“Our courses are very successful at bringing healing to this area of women’s lives.”

The course is for women who have been through an abortion(s) and are Christians, and who wish to receive healing and restoration in this area of their lives. This is a safe space for women to share their experiences in a small group setting and step-by-step work though different emotions and consequences following an abortion. The course lasts for 9 weeks, one evening a week, with one all-day Saturday. The sessions are led by an experienced facilitator with additional helpers according to numbers which are usually small (less than six people per course).

The next course starts Monday 21 September and will be led by Zanna Fleur.

We have been running this programme for many years and understand the need for confidentiality. Only people directly involved with the course will be passed your contact details; the course location will only be given to people who register for the course; your details will be deleted after the course and nobody will contact you further.

If you would like more information please register for the course and we will be in touch shortly via email.

“The course was the most life-changing and significant thing I have done apart from becoming a Christian.” C aged 42

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